Foto: Aurubis AG

REWIMET is a network of companies, scientific institutions and local authorities. The main purpose is to ensure the availability of raw materials through recycling. The focus is on the promotion of science and research through the development of recycling strategies and processes through to their industrial implementation. The target elements are mainly economically strategic metals as well as industrial metals other than iron and steel.

Our targets are:

  • The promotion and perception of the general and non-material goals of recycling and the improvement of knowledge and technology transfer from research and development for all areas of society. At the same time, new findings in science and technology are to be promoted. The supply, accessibility, quality, usability, services and benefits of recycling technologies should be improved for all areas of society.
  • Strengthening of the regional economic structure
  • Contributing to increasing the share of regional added value
  • Bundling of recycling expertise from industry and science
  • Promoting the transfer of topic-related knowledge and technology
  • Advising the political community

We achieve these goals by taking the following measures:

  • Initiation and organisation of the implementation of joint research projects among the partners aimed at innovative economic activities (innovation projects)
  • Promotion of networking among enterprises
  • Promotion of networking among companies and regional academic institutions
  • Procurement of cooperation partners
  • Applications for subsidies and financing
  • Public relations (including REWIMET's public image and location marketing, organizing road shows, etc)
  • Recruitment of qualified personnel
  • Impetus for vocational formation, qualification and further training