REWIMET is a network of companies, scientific institutions and local authorities. The members employ approx. 46,000 people and have an annual turnover of approx. EUR 9.5 billion.


Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V.

Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V., Bonn
(Federal Association of Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal)
This association represents nearly 900 companies operating in the medium-sized waste management sector in Germany. Numerous members are involved in the professional association “Scrap, e-scrap and motor vehicle recycling” that, as a divisional organisation within the bvse e.V., covers an important waste category.

CRONIMET Envirotec GmbH

CRONIMET Envirotec GmbH, Bitterfeld-Wolfen
CRONIMET Envirotec GmbH is specialized in the innovative and sustainable recovery and recycling of waste sludges containing metals and oil as well as fine metal powers and filter dust. The patented vacuum distillation enables the separation of substances in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way without any chemical modification and guarantees a holistic return of the raw material back into the economic cycle. A new briquetting technique using an organic binder allows the production of solid briquets.


Electrocycling GmbH, Goslar
Since the mid-1990s, Electrocycling GmbH has been in the business of processing and recycling old electrical equipment. With a capacity of 80,000 t/a, the Electrocycling GmbH processing plant is one of the largest and most modern plants for the recycling of old electrical equipment in Europe.


GDMB Gesellschaft der Metallurgen und Bergleute e.V., Clausthal-Zellerfeld
(Society of Metallurgists and Miners)
The GDMB Society of Metallurgists and Miners is an international forum for the technical-scientific exchange of experience and expertise among the industry, authorities and academia. It is an important part of the international network covering the fields of raw material extraction, raw material recycling and non-ferrous metallurgy.

Geiger Metallrecycling GmbH

Geiger Metallrecycling GmbH, Langelsheim
Geiger Metallrecycling GmbH develops innovative technologies in the processing of metal-containing waste streams, primarily in the processing of composite materials and the separation of complex mixtures. The further development of units for shredding and screening technology, new techniques for eddy current separation and the use of sensor-based sorting machines make the company one of the leading metal recyclers in northern Germany.

H.C. Starck

H.C.Starck Tungsten GmbH, Goslar
From recycled materials and ores, H.C. Starck Tungsten GmbH, a company of the Masan High-Tech Materials Group, produces high-performance powders of the refractory metal tungsten and its compounds according to customer specifications. The company serves growing industries in Europe, North America and Asia, such as telecommunications, chemicals, automotive, medical technology, aerospace, energy and environmental technology as well as mechanical engineering and toolmaking. In its most important market segments, the company always occupies the first or second market position.

Hilti AG

Hilti AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein
The Hilti Group supplies the construction and energy industries worldwide with technologically leading products, system solutions, software and services. With 30,000 employees in over 120 countries, the company stands for direct customer relationships, quality and innovation. Hilti generated sales of CHF 5.9 billion in 2019. The Hilti Group's headquarter is located in Schaan, Liechtenstein, since it was founded in 1941. The company is privately owned by the Martin Hilti Family Trust, which ensures the long-term continuation of the company. The strategic direction of the Hilti Group is based on an employee and performance-oriented corporate culture as well as the goal of inspiring customers and building a better future.

Hochschule Magedeburg

Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences
The Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences considers itself to be a lively, constantly developing university that provides high-quality research and teaching in a wide range of areas to meet the needs of society and business. With the aim of imparting science in its application, we cover fields of activity in the applied human sciences, in the field of water, environment, construction and safety, in social work, health and media, in the engineering sciences/industrial design as well as in business.

Hochschule Nordhausen

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences
The Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences offers numerous degree programmes in engineering, economics and social sciences. The research is focused on green tech, management and governance as well as social and health services.

ITS mobility e.V.

ITS mobility e.V.
ITS mobility is an active, multi-branched network that profitably connects economy and science. More than 200 research institutions, industrial partners, small and medium enterprises, associations, public authorities and experts are members of our cluster. The main topics of our activities are driver assistance and automation, Car2X communication, eCall, e-mobility, satellite navigation, vehicle construction and intelligent transport systems in general.

IVH Industriepark und Verwertungszentrum Harz GmbH, Goslar

IVH Industriepark und Verwertungszentrum Harz GmbH, Goslar 
The IVH Industriepark und Verwertungszentrum Harz GmbH is standing for efficient and innovative processes in recycling for lead and zinc containing residues as well as for polypropylene.

Landkreis Goslar

District of Goslar
After the decline of the mining industry, the district of Goslar reoriented itself and in the first half of the 20th century adapted itself in particular to tourism, other professional services and follow-up industries. With its Strategy Programme 2030, the district of Goslar pursues, among other things, the expansion of its commitment to the business community, science and technology transfer as well as the promotion of cooperation in the region.

logo landkreis goettingen

District of Göttingen
The modern economic structure with a focus on automotive, medical technology, mechatronics, electrical engineering, metal and mechanical engineering, foundries and plastics processing is wide-ranging and innovative. Future-oriented jobs combined with state-of-the-art educational facilities create the foundation for qualified and motivated employees.

MPM Environment Intelligence KG

mpm Environment Intelligence GmbH, Bad Grund / OT Gittelde
mpm Environment Intelligence is a specialist enterprise that offers intelligent solutions for all aspects of recycling, especially for assembled and unassembled printed circuit boards as well as for environmental protection and occupational safety.


MWM GmbH, Hannover
The core business of the MWM GmbH focusses on europeanwide sales and processing of secondary raw materials. MWM bundles waste streams and finds for nearly all kinds of waste solutions for disposal companies and industry. At our warehouse in Osnabrück we mainly process waste paper and plastics. The sister company ELPRO Elektro Recycling GmbH, which is located in Braunschweig, is a recycling company for electronic scrap and is specialized on the demolition of technical installations in whole Germany.

Novelis Sheet Ingot GmbH, Seeland

Novelis Sheet Ingot GmbH, Seeland
In 2015, Novelis, a subsidiary of Hindalco Industries Ltd, commissioned the world's largest aluminium recycling plant located between Quedlinburg and Aschersleben, Germany. Up to 400,000 tonnes of aluminium scrap are shredded, stripped of paint and melted down every year. The scrap comes from used beverage cans and other rolled products from throughout Europe. The molten alloys are supplied to rolling mills in ingots of up to 30 tonnes and are used for the same applications from which they were extracted. The plant employs about 220 people.

Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
Founded in 1971 in Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences is a university of applied sciences with faculties of electrical and automotive engineering, social work and public health services, computer science, business, law and other disciplines and a total of more than 12,580 students. The campuses of the university are spread over Wolfenbüttel, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter and Suderburg and offer a total of more than 70 degree programmes for prospective students. The Faculty of Automotive Engineering at the Wolfsburg location features many student projects, such as the "Sleeping Beauty" project, Wob-Racing and the AkkuRacer project, which give students the opportunity to put their acquired knowledge into practice.

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
The roots of the university, named after Otto von Guericke, lie in the three previously existing institutions of higher education in the city of Magdeburg: the Technical University, the University of Education and the Magdeburg Medical Academy. With almost 14,000 students, it constitutes a university centre for teaching and research in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. The Otto von Guericke University comprises 9 faculties covering engineering and natural sciences, medicine as well as economics, social sciences and the humanities.


pdv-software GmbH, Goslar
pdv-software GmbH is an independent German software manufacturer with expertise in the field of recording material, mass and energy flows as well as laboratory solutions for assigning and monitoring quality data from production processes. Industrial processes can be sustainably optimised in terms of quality and energy by means of data analysis. The obtained data support the monitoring of processes, serve documentation purposes and fulfil the legal obligations to provide evidence.


PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH, Osterwieck 
PPM Reinstmetalle Osterwieck GmbH produces high-purity arsenic with a content of up to 99.99999 % As. This is mainly used for semiconductor and opto-electronic applications. The high-purity arsenic becomes, amongst other things, Gallium arsenide produced for cellular technology. As a spin-off from PPM Pure Metals GmbH, the company has more than 65 years of experience in the production of high-purity arsenic and other pure metals. The production facility is located in Osterwieck / Germany. The company employs 25 people.

pro Goslar

pro Goslar e.V., Goslar
A united stance on the part of all entrepreneurs provides many opportunities to drive forward developments in their interest and to promote, support and advise Goslar as a business location as much as possible..


RHM Rohstoffgesellschaft mbH, Mülheim an der Ruhr
RHM Group offers the know-how and adequate infrastructure to maintain the cycle of recovering steel. RHM is one of the largest suppliers of raw materials.

Bad Harzburg

City of Bad Harzburg
The city of Bad Harzburg is not only a tourist destination, but also an important business hub in the Harz region. Successful companies engaged in the recycling of economically strategic metals can also be found in Bad Harzburg. The aim is to further promote the commitment of local companies to deal with the issue of recycling economically strategic metals. Bad Harzburg is also an ideal residential location with a good infrastructure and high quality recreational facilities.


City of Goslar
Goslar is the economic, cultural and touristic centre of the Harz region. Especially for medium-sized companies, Goslar is a well-equipped business location. This is ensured by its favourable geographical location, diverse infrastructural facilities, good educational opportunities and the proximity to numerous research institutes. This is complemented by an attractive environment offering superb residential and recreational amenities.


Stöbich Active Safety GmbH, Goslar
As an expert in the field of technical fire protection, Stöbich Active Safety GmbH develops, manufactures and installs individual and series solutions and uses the most innovative technologies. As the youngest member, she belongs to the Stöbich group of companies from Goslar and is expanding the portfolio to include technical fire protection. In doing so, it continues the success story in the field of innovations and creates new types of solutions for holistic fire protection. With many years of experience in fire protection, it offers and develops the latest and most advanced solutions for its customers.

H.C. Starck Tantalum and Niobium GmbH

Taniobis GmbH, Goslar
Taniobis GmbH was founded on July 1st 2020 by changing the name of H.C. Starck Tantalum and Niobium GmbH. The company produces high-performance powders of the rare metals tantalum and niobium from recycled materials and ores. The company serves growing industries in Europe, North America and Asia, such as electronics and telecommunications, chemicals, medical technology, aerospace, energy and environmental technology as well as mechanical engineering and toolmaking. In its most important market segments, the company always occupies the first or second position in the market and is part of the JX Nippon Mining and Metals Group.

TU Braunschweig

Technical University of Braunschweig, Braunschweig
The Technical University of Braunschweig Carolo-Wilhelmina is the academic centre of Braunschweig, the traditional "city of science" in the middle of one of the most active research regions in Europe. Around 18,500 students and 3,500 employees represent the campus community. Complete engineering sciences and strong natural sciences are the core disciplines of education and research. They are closely connected to the faculties of economics, social sciences, humanities and education. The range of engineering degree programmes on offer is unique among northern German universities.

TU Clausthal

Clausthal University of Technology, Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Clausthal University of Technology is one of the leading German universities in the field of raw material and energy technologies. A number of institutes are engaged in the field of recycling. All activities are coordinated by the Department of Mineral and Waste Processing. The research focus of the Department of Mineral and Waste Processing at the Institute of Mineral and Waste Processing, Waste Disposal and Geomechanics (IFAD) is the development of recycling strategies and recovery technologies for end-of-life products and facilities, including the application and further development of processing technologies for resource-relevant complex waste.


WiReGo GmbH & Co.KG, Goslar
The Wirtschaftsförderung Region Goslar GmbH & Co. KG (WiReGo), a transregional business development agency, contributes to improving the conditions for economic development in the district of Goslar and thus works towards the creation of new jobs and the preservation of existing ones.